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It’s easy enough to repost memes or say things like “their opinions don’t pay your bills”, or “anyone criticizing you is doing less than you”, etc. but the fact is, the negativity can get to you still, whether you realize it or not. We are all human and the amount of internet hate is so far beyond what could ever happen in real live conversations. As a public figure it can be even worse, as people just don’t have any accountability for their actions and statements from unidentifiable troll accounts. 

Luckily, you can do some things to help minimize it from reaching you. What’s better is that you can do even more to change how you react to the hate that does get to you. 




5 hands off ways to minimize negativity in your online space

Hands off as in, let’s deal with minimizing the negativity quietly and behind the scenes, shall we? I know it’s tempting to call out the haters in specific ways when you get hit with some nonsense comments or DMs, and if that’s what feels right to you then I am not going to stop you, but this is not a post encouraging that. These are ways to address the inevitable bad vibes that get thrown your way whether you realize it or not. These are also ways to become more powerful from your own internal place of peace, allowing you to manifest more of what you desire in life.

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Spoiler Alert: the common denominator here is SETTING BOUNDARIES and controlling what you can – including what you let into your own space and life…


1. Setup checkpoints to put the filtering on autopilot

This is more technical advice, and it is a one time action that can save you a lot of unnecessary moderation time. On nearly all popular social media platforms and blogs, you can set up a list of blocked words. It’s not so fun to set up as you have to manually add the words, but luckily you do it once and it’s done. You just think of any and all bad words you’d not want to see on your profiles and list them in the settings as blocked words. This prevents any comments from coming in that contain the words. I also include things like “forex” and “trader” etc considering the heavy spam that can ensue when using entrepreneur hashtags on our posts.

2. Take back control of your time online

I’ll forever be telling you this one. Don’t get sucked into the scroll! It’s just a recipe for nonproductive “work” as a blogger and feelings of negativity. No matter how well curated your explore or home page is, you’ll inevitably get fed some unsavory content because we all know that’s what tends to go viral and get pushed out to the masses. Avoiding consumption of negative content is easier to do when you get in, get things done, and get out on social media platforms. Make INTENTIONAL schedules for your blog work. It’s way too easy to get sucked into scrolling/engaging and calling it productive… this is also where a lot of negativity can come about. Set aside the proper amount of time for intentional engagement in your niche, with your community and with those who support you, and forget the rest. 

3. Work on protecting your energy daily

Meditate, visualize, pray, reflect and cleanse from the negative influences and energy. I love starting my day with THIS PLAYLIST while walking around my home, opening windows and preparing morning drinks, etc. By the time I get to the Reiki session, I am usually seated on the couch with my drink and able to relax and benefit from the session in a meditative state. Another goodie is the Mantra app, which randomly alerts me with an affirmation. Remember, what you put in is what you get out. Consuming negative low vibrational content nonstop all day (through news, social media, TV shows, etc) does hit your subconscious, even if you don’t realize it, these constant streams of negativity (even “funny” negativity) can lower your energy and lead to worse effects when anything directed at you (like hate comments/nastygrams) hits your socials and blogs.

 4. Send love and light to everyone – I mean everyone – to release resistance

Especially those who send negativity your way. It is a powerful thing to be able to truly forgive others for what they’ve done without them acknowledging their wrongdoing. As it pertains to blogging and online business, just presume that there are people out there who are hating on you, whether you’ve had a specific experience or not. Every day as part of your gratitude and loving kindness practice, send them healing vibes and love. They definitely need it, and this brings you more power and peace. There are endless options for meditations and practices that can help you with this, just search them on Youtube or download one of the many apps that help you develop a practice that works for you.

5. Choose your circle wisely, and hold them dear. 

This means do not make yourself available to everyone at the same level. Ever heard the saying that you are the sum of however many people you spend the most time with? That means that the people who you spend the most time interacting with will be part of what defines you and your state of being. Make sure you’re spending time with people who have the same positive vibes and outlook that you do. In general, refrain from constantly interacting with people who are complaining, emotionally dumping on you, or constantly needing your help in blogging without any positive reciprocation (unless this is a paid service you offer). Even if you do offer services to solve the problems or needs of clients, you do not have to accept work from people who are constantly negative and treat you like their therapist. Setting boundaries and being selective with who you work with can help overcome and avoid negativity as an online creator and business owner.

Well, there you have it. Some easy “start today”  ways to deal with the haters that show up when you’re building an online business or sharing anything on the internet. It also works in any real life situation, and I highly suggest that you try and see how it can benefit you.   

Existing in this modern world and thriving financially and otherwise undoubtedly requires technology and usually an online presence of some sort. We can live and thrive without negativity permeating our spaces, while being mindful of our consumption and wellness. Living your best life can be possible with tech!

Even if you don’t do any of these tips, we encourage you to pay attention to your energy – what are you really allowing into your life with your daily routine?

Look at the way you spend your time on your phone. You can check statistics each week, and see our blog post on taking control of your tech use here. Where can you reduce the bad vibes, and how can you structure your days to be more supportive of a balanced lifestyle ?

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