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What is it & why should you do it?


Detox is a health and wellness trend that has been around for awhile, but only in recent years has it really become a buzzword. But what is a cellular detox exactly? And more importantly, should you do it? How does it relate to creative entrepreneurship and managing a business? Let’s talk about it!

cellular detox

How does a cellular detox work?

The idea behind cellular detox is quite simple: the body goes through an accumulation of toxins over time which can become detrimental to the immune system. The most common toxins are specifically heavy metals and other pollutants like pesticides and plastics. Toxic buildup can also come from our food sources and environment. In order to live as optimally healthy as possible, we can regularly do detoxes to remove these toxic substances that would otherwise buildup in your body’s cells over time, weakening your immune system. This can also lead to a feeling of being bogged down, feeling “off” or otherwise not performing at your full potential mentally, which is not helpful when trying to build your dream life!

There are several types of detoxes that are available but a cellular detox is the strongest and most comprehensive at home option. A cellular detox is a long term commitment as this detox plan will remove the most toxins from your body and has the best results when followed strictly. It’s designed to help your body detox and recover and begin to truly feel refreshed and renewed. 

How do you take it?

The True Cellular Formulas detox regimen has two parts, a CytoDetox liquid that is taken along with a True Carbon Cleanse capsule that is taken at a different time in the day. These are formulated with ingredients that are natural and effective at removing toxins and improving overall health as well as helping you feel more energized. 

I have been working with the True Cellular Formulas detox regimen for a few months this year and once I got the routine down it was not too much trouble to stay consistent. The two part system was easier to follow when I took the CytoDetox first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and the True Carbon Cleanse before bed, also on an empty stomach, at least an hour away from food. As long as they are each taken on empty stomach and at least 30 min apart, it is ok to take them whenever throughout your day. It is very important to ensure they are at least an hour away from any other supplements however as they will make the other supplements ineffective.

What does a cellular detox do?

Pretty simple to break this part down actually, Cyto works as a magnet for heavy metals, going deeper into the body to pull these toxins out of the cells and organs. So that is where is shines, pulling the heavy metals out by crossing the blood brain barrier as opposed to a simple gut detox. However, it is important that what is stirred up by CytoDetox makes it out of the body.

That is where True Carbon Cleanse comes in and why they work as a team. True Carbon Cleanse is the binder, it works by binding the metals and other chemicals in the gut and helping transport them out with minimal change to that whole process, unlike some detoxes that are much more noticeably disruptive to the GI process. Results can vary and each person needs to listen to their body and adjust the dose as needed, but in my experience it was not disruptive in this way. I started slow and followed directions and found the overall experience to be great!

How did it affect me?

More importantly – how did it affect me? The True Cellular Formulas detox regimen has had an amazing effect on my overall health and well being.  I noticed the biggest difference at the beginning of the detox when I took the products. After the first week I took it I felt revitalized, refreshed and energized. There was a day or two of total exhaustion however, which can be common in a detox. I napped and felt pretty lethargic and “off” mentally but it was short lived and followed by the complete opposite. This is notable if you’ve never been through a detox as it can be a little alarming! The benefits however far outweighed the inconvenient ones.

Final thoughts on my experience

Overall, just taking these supplements for a few months has given me more energy throughout the day and helped me feel more refreshed when I wake up in the morning. The improvement to my well being, noticeably better sleep, consistent higher energy and ultimately my improved mental function was the best result I could have hoped for. Bonus that I saw improved exercise performance and sleep quality along with increased productivity in running our businesses! My brain just turns on faster now if that makes sense!

As an entrepreneur, my wellness is so important. It is not sustainable to just get up and hustle every day while neglecting physical health. I learned that the hard way and hit burnout mode! Taking time to have a morning routine for wellness, eating well and staying active, staying hydrated and also caring for mental health is my secret to sustainable success as a creative entrepreneur. 

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