How to stay on track this year

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It’s already the end of February, and if you’re like many people, this is when the goals, resolutions, etc start to fade from top of mind…


If you’ve thought about how to stay on track this year, but haven’t implemented a solid routine by now, I highly recommend you start that ASAP.

So, yes, the first two weeks of January are filled with new year’s resolutions and the like. People are fired up and ready to go. That hype lasts about a week for most people, and then a pattern emerges: The same people tend to fall into traps that lead to putting almost everything on hold; they fall into old patterns that keep them from progressing towards their goals. You CAN intercept this even if you’ve already slipped up. Start with something simple and find an easy way to get yourself back into that groove you had on 1/1! For me, I’ve caught myself slipping out of my healthy morning routine and finding myself straying from my health, wellness and work goals. Some of you may remember when I shared some tips on winning the day in this blog post, and I have not been on it with those practices as of late. Due to that, I was starting to see the effects on my energy levels, productivity level, and overall well being.
How to stay on track this year
How to stay on track this year
It was time to catch myself and get back on track! A morning routine is the best way to set yourself up for success in everything for the rest of the day. Considering my goal was figuring out how to stay on track this year, I remembered that if you win the morning, you can really be set to win the rest of the day so much easier. When I slipped up in the morning, I found that spiraling into a day that I felt “just got away from me” or felt unproductive and wasted. As someone who is fully in charge of my daily schedule, it is imperative that I maintain control of my time. As such, I need to specifically prevent the work from expanding to the time allowed – since the time I have is technically infinite. Hello midnight blogging sessions! I made a plan to win my mornings again, starting with what I am drinking. I was falling into just grabbing any old drink and with that, typically lots of added sugar which is detrimental to my day personally, leading to needing a nap in the afternoon and having to drag myself out of bed the next morning, or sleeping through my alarm. Not good! So I started there – with my morning routine and morning drinks. The goal was to find and keep on hand “ready to go” drinks that fit the bill for my health goals. No sugar or carbs, delicious and crave worthy, enough caffeine to replace a coffee, and easy to grab and go. The hunt was now on!

Some of you may be wondering… drinks are what you’re using for how to stay on track this year? really? Of all the things you can start with, you pick drinks? Yes. Drinks. It’s a simple start that will lead to a MAJOR shift in my morning routine and success overall. You see, keeping a variety of drinks available to enjoy as a work from home business owner is one of my secrets to a solid productive day. As a health conscious person, I also appreciate my drinks to have no sugar and generally be more on the healthy side. Of course, making a nice coffee is great, but having a ready to go cool and refreshing drink is one of my favorite alternatives. In case you didn’t know, I also am a major Sam’s Club fan since moving to the south several years ago. Sam’s Club is one of the most convenient and cost effective places to get so many of our essentials each week. When I saw these ASPIRE drinks at Sam’s a few weeks ago, they were in the energy drink aisle I was shopping in anyway, so I had to try them! What first caught my eye was the branding – you know as a co-founder of a web design agency I am such a sucker for good branding! I mean, look at this display!

I thought I had a go-to when I was headed to get my typical energy drinks nearby where this display was, but they caught my eye so I stopped to check these fancy looking new drinks out.

I was immediately interested in the label that was not only gorgeous but listed it as healthy energy, no sugar, natural caffeine (80mg) from premium green tea, no jitters or crash. They also contain essential B & C vitamins for alertness, focus and stress management. It’s like they were created JUST for what I needed, and the 3 flavors that sounded AMAZING! I picked up the pack that has raspberry + acai, mango lemonade, and my now personal fave, black raspberry. The description of lightly sparkling and refreshing is so on point, and I have been reaching for one of these in place of my morning coffee most mornings. They are especially helpful to grab right away on the way to take our son to school, which although nearby, is still a very early morning trek!

How to stay on track this year

In addition to a healthy craveable drink, a typical morning for me starts with a meditation, exercise, gratitude practice/journaling and planning my day before getting on any apps like social media or email. I need to get in the zone of visualizing what I want to make of the day and planning out the necessary and the extras. Plus, my biggest secret of how to stay on track this year, which is SELF CARE! Yes, a screen free morning with all of the right ingredients is essential. There is really no way I would be able to manage multiple businesses, keep up with a household and be a truly present wife and mother without a solid routine in place. ASPIRE is ideal for all women who enjoy caffeine as part of their daily routine or need caffeine in their work. Working for yourself is one of the hardest but most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life. It’s crazy to think I got here after working more than a decade in a comfortable but stagnant corporate healthcare role. Keeping myself accountable and on task is one of my secrets to success.

The other key aspect to my ability to do all the things is taking care of my body. Exercising daily, clean caffeine in the morning (with no sugar) and a clean low sugar diet. I realize some people don’t seem to feel any different cognitively based on what they eat, but I really do. When I take care of myself, I perform better and feel way better. Focusing on a clean diet with low sugar and 90% or more unprocessed foods on average is what works for me. The trick can be finding ready to go drinks to accommodate my dietary preferences. Tasty ones, that is. I realize I can always do water, but remember, caffeine is one of my secrets… So, you can imagine how excited I was to try ASPIRE and find that first of all they are extremely tasty, perfectly caffeinated without any jitters or crashes, and made with no sugar, carbs or calories. They’re also vegan, gluten-free, kosher, soy-free and keto-friendly! I had to do a double take actually, after one sip I really didn’t believe it, they are that good! Also, ASPIRE is the first energy drink formulated intentionally for women to provide the smooth and sustainable energy we need for whatever we Aspire to! So, there you have it. Unicorns do exist and in the form of a perfect healthy drink. Check out our Instagram post and Facebook post too!

How to stay on track this year

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