Turmeric for Heart Health

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It is heart month this month – for those of you that didn’t know – and taking the best care of my heart is something that means a lot to me. Those of you that know me personally may remember that I lost my mom to CHF (congestive heart failure) a few years ago after she battled that for more than 10 years. She did so much to teach me how to help myself get to the best state of health, and also got me interested in healthy supplements to support overall and cardiovascular health. Taking care of my body is something that is near and dear to me so I have always been trying to do the most that I can to take care of my own cardiovascular system and health in general. I’ve always been someone who stays active and eats relatively healthy but there are always other ways to contribute to heart health and overall wellness.

One of those ways is to add supplements to your routine that support heart health. I am a big fan of natural supplements in general – they are always good to add to a routine for overall wellness in my opinion!! Turmeric is a supplement I have kept in my routine to some degree for many years, most of my adult life in fact. Turmeric comes from a plant that is in the ginger family, and the concentrated powder is made into a supplement that can be taken for a variety of reasons to support overall health. Supporting your cardiovascular system is one of the best ways to support your overall health – as it runs your body – so adding a supplement like Viva Naturals Organic Turmeric is a nice way to thank your heart for all it does to run your body.

I’ve tried so many different brands of turmeric, and I’ve recently started taking the Viva Naturals Organic Turmeric Curcumin with black pepper. What I like about this brand and variety is how high the concentration is, along with the fact that it is organic of course. When Black Pepper is added to turmeric, it does aid the absorption so I appreciate that Viva Naturals has that! It also is certified USDA organic – which is not something that I have personally seen a lot of in my years of taking turmeric! 

This variety has 1350mg of organic turmeric powder, 150mg of organic turmeric extract and 15mg of black pepper, specially formulated to be standardized to 95% curcuminoids for maximum results. I also love that Viva Naturals is nonGMO, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Veggie-Friendly, and Third Party Tested which is always nice to see for that additional assurance that the quality is top tier and it’s not just the company saying so. These are all things I look for in high quality supplements, so a great find! 

Of course, eating healthy and exercising are great ways to support a healthy heart, but adding Viva Naturals Organic Turmeric is a great supplement to that. Not only can it support your heart health, but it can also support healthy joints and offers antioxidant-like support overall! As someone who works out heavily almost every day, I definitely appreciate the joint and antioxidant support! Check out the link to add it to your routine!

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