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We all know that school is one of the best places to lose items… Without proper labels anything and everything is lost to the black hole of the lost and found bin! I recently learned about Name Bubbles, a perfect solution for labeling all of my elementary aged son’s items. He is in third grade this year, and is usually so busy having fun that he forgets things around the school. I’m sure my fellow mamas know about how that goes! Anything we can do to make life easier is a mom-win for sure, and avoiding unnecessarily replacing items is certainly one of them.

I have been unimpressed with the generic labels available in the past, so finding such cute custom labels with an option for custom school label packs was refreshing! Psst: use code ourbloglife to save 10% on your order! They have plenty of designs to choose from and are super easy to customize. I can label everything from his coats to his lunch box to his backpack with this pack. The labels are long lasting and high quality as they are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe and laundry safe! Lincoln loves the design options and I am very excited we get to avoid the lost and found with them!

2. Plan Your Mornings!

A well planned morning is the key to a productive day in general, and when it comes to going back to school, this is no exception in my book! As a full time working mom, I know that without planning, the day completely gets away from me. A typical morning in my home requires a well oiled machine type of operation for everyone to get out the door. With one in third grade and one in eighth grade (and a workday to start right after they leave) the importance of everyone knowing the steps of the morning is essential. Helping kids know what to do and what to expect in the morning is crucial for a smooth day. 

3. Leave time for relaxation

As we adjust from leisurely summer days to a packed school schedule, we have to remember that rest is important! Kids are working hard while they are in school, and having fun after school helps them unwind and relax. An after school routine that helps everyone do what they need to before chill time helps a lot. As a mom, this also helps me feel confident they are well cared for and rested enough for a successful next day! Some of the ways we unwind are spending time outside, watching our favorite shows together, reading books, or cooking as a family. 

I hope you enjoyed my top 3 tips for a successful back to school season! As a busy working mom, I can’t sing enough praises about Name Bubbles as a perfect way to keep track of kids’ items. Make sure you take time to check out all of their products here, as they have more than just these labels available! You’ll love how easy it is to organize everything from daycare to back to school items and avoid the lost and found bin this year!

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