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We are now offering my very own developed Lightroom Presets for sale! They are a minimal and realistic edit, some more themed or heavy edits than others, but overall they are made for adding a bright clean edit to your high quality phone photos!

In addition to my own products for sale, like most free websites, I use different forms of partnerships and affiliations which may result in commissions and are compensated in various ways by brands for sharing my opinions on their offerings.

Thoughts and opinions on products or services I discuss are 100% our own, and may change from time to time as we try and discover new things. We only recommend things that I use and love, and are happy to answer any questions about my content.

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I have spent the last several years working on developing my very own editing tools – in the form of Adobe Lightroom Presets! I’m not offering these as a “one click edit” for all photos – because I do not edit our photos that way, nor do I recommend it! Every photo is a little (or a lot) different and gaining a cohesive look is more than just slapping a preset on every photo and calling it a day. When you purchase my presets, not only will you receive detailed instructions for using them, but also step by step guidance on how to use the free Lightroom Mobile App, with or without my presets, to edit each photo to perfection for your own goals! I truly appreciate the support on my blogging and content creation journey!

Thanks so much for considering trying my presets friends! Can’t wait to hear what you think, and please tag me in the photos you post with them!

Minimal Adobe Lightroom Presets:

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I link to my favorite products found on my Instagram pictures using an affiliate advertising network called Like To Know It. The cute little symbol in the bottom right corner of an image is what tells you it’s shoppable! It’s pretty simple, you just use their app and screenshot the picture with items you’d like to check out, then you can directly shop them!

Not every image is shoppable directly, so another option is using a link. Just reach out to me and I’ll send you a direct link for any product you like. You can browse my linked items with no commitment and if you purchase anything from one of the popular linked retailers, we get a small commission!

I hope that if you like and intend to purchase anything I recommend, that you’d consider using my affiliate link as a way to show your support. If you are interested in something that is not linked, I will be happy to tell you where to find it, with or without a commissioned link. I truly appreciate the support!

Thanks friends, it means to world to me that you’re following and supporting my blogging journey!

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