Presets are easier to use than you think! Scroll down for a step by step…


Adding Presets to Lightroom:

Step 1: Sign into Dropbox account (or create free one)

Step 2: Accept share (in your email) for Dropbox Preset folder

Step 3: Download/Export each .DNG file to phone (menu by each image, three dots)

Step 4: Sign into Lightroom Mobile CC App (Create free account if needed)

Step 5: Create a folder 

Step 6: Create album within folder

Step 7: Add photos to album, select all .DNG files you just downloaded 

Using Presets Copy/Paste Method:

Step 1: Click on the photo of the preset you want to use.

Step 2: Top right corner menu (three dots) choose copy settings

Step 3: Go to photo you want to add the preset to

Step 4: Top right corner menu (three dots) choose paste settings

Using Presets Create Preset Method:

Step 1: Click on the photo of the preset you want to use.

Step 2: Top right corner menu (three dots) choose create preset

Step 3: Create a new folder for the presets (name it whatever you like) 

Step 4: Add preset to that folder

Step 5: Go to a photo you want to edit, slide bottom bar over, click presets, apply preset with top-right check mark.

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