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…with one easy hack – just decorate your walls! Whether you use wallpaper, a mural or canvas artwork, Photowall has thousands of options for you to choose!




There are many ways to upgrade and decorate a space

…but regardless of how much space you have or whether you own vs rent, art work is the quickest upgrade! See how to decorate your walls easily with Photowall! For us, after renovating this home over the last year, we realized it was time to put some final touches on. With a little bit of creativity and planning, a whole room can be transformed within minutes. You can even upload and create your own art!

From landscapes to seasonal pieces, to even paintings with witty sayings, these are all easy to find online through Photowall. There are even wallpaper options that look like actual murals! While the wallpaper murals are incredible and so beautiful in spaces we’ve viewed, we knew that larger canvas art would make the most sense for our home based on our goals. There are thousands of options for canvas art and you can choose so many sizes and orientations, including the possibilities of choosing sections of the art for your print! 

Don’t forget this is the perfect time of year for an interior makeover as well!

If you’re hosting the holidays this winter or just looking for inspiration for your own room, definitely decorate your walls. Just a little bit of artwork can instantly change your mood and help you create an inviting holiday atmosphere. We love to choose art pieces that are able to go with any pops of seasonal decor we may swap out, but many people love to swap out their actual artwork each season.

Luckily, Photowall has such affordable art work in literally thousands of designs, so if that’s your preference you won’t have to worry about spending premium prices for seasonal art. You have to start somewhere, and maybe you just want something up. If that’s the case, just buy a few and see where they best fit. Start small with some inexpensive pieces and see how you like them! Later plan for large pieces once you get a feel for what you like.

You can always move things around if you decide you don’t like the placement.

Another option is to just go for it! Hang the largest statement art work pieces you can get on walls to make the room feel more luxe. To get an idea of the right size of artwork, try putting up an outline of painter’s tape! This helps to see what the size would look like. If you’re still not sure of the right size, you can use a graphic design tool like Canva. This is to superimpose a photo (to scale) in a photo of your space! If you want to decorate your walls and be satisfied with the results, it definitely pays to do some planning.

Artwork can really tie a space together as well. Take our main living area for example, we have a variety of neutrals as well as black accents and a little gold. This canvas artwork was the perfect touch to really make it feel more pulled together. After you have statement artwork on the walls, you can use additional complimentary accessories! This helps to really make it pop. With so many options to choose from, we were able to find the perfect art! Love how this room was absolutely transformed by the use of just one type of artwork! 

You can see below that we used another piece from Photowall to tie our powder room together and create a cohesive look. While not always fans of darker artwork, in these spaces it was the perfect bold option! No matter your preferences, we’re sure you can find some gems too. Photowall has selections to suit any style!

Click the images below to check out all of the art we added to our spaces! Click to view!

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