Best Skincare Products – Hormone Safe edition

what does Hormone Safe mean?

There are always new skincare trends that many people jump onto – but some are more important than others. Personal care products are full of chemicals, many of which can disrupt hormones. Add that to the existing environmental exposures we all face, and our hormones can be negatively affected. Hormone safe is an attribute that needs more attention – finding the best skincare products for our bodies is often overlooked! Many ingredients in skincare and household products serve a purpose, such as a preservative or binder, but there are options for safer skincare without any of those chemicals.

In our opinion, the best skincare products are ones that do what they are supposed to (cleanse, moisturize, protect, etc) without otherwise negatively contributing to our bodies. Specifically, the best skincare products would not contain the toxic twelve chemicals that have been scrutinized and are banned in many countries.

Not all proven harmful or hormone disrupting chemicals are banned, and some are still being studied and petitioned for being removed from the industry. That being said, we have a wide range of options with varying levels of safety and efficacy, so we have to do our best to determine which are the best skincare products for ourselves and our families. The biggest thing to remember is to be at least aware of the chemicals used in the products you buy. is not only a place to buy this revolutionary new line, but a place to educate yourself on these crucial issues relating to hormone safety. They have spent the time & resources in collaboration with experts to develop their own “Yes” list of safe ingredients, all of which are plant based, vegan, cruelty free as well! 

Hugh & Grace don’t just work on finding and using the best ingredients, they also detail each ingredient in their products here. As for the products themselves, they feel, smell and perform wonderfully. We’ve been using the Protecting Body Oil, Face Serum, Night Serum, and Purifying Cleansing Bar recently. As self proclaimed clean beauty enthusiasts, the scent and experience is extraordinary and earns the title of the best skincare products in the hormone safe category. They last a long time, as only a little is needed. The serums definitely absorb well, with the right amount of moisture, and are great for under makeup and in place of lotion. Also love that they are great for the whole family? You can support our blog by stopping by to check out & shop Hugh & Grace if interested with our affiliate link here!

The story behind Hugh & Grace is truly remarkable, and we encourage you to watch this short video to see it for yourself!

Have you tried clean or hormone safe skincare? What do you consider the best skincare products? Let us know what you think below! 

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