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The husband behind the blogs!

Roy Wakumelo

We talk a lot about me but I’m actually just the voice of this operation – Roy handles sooooo much for our blogs and business and he’s just chilling behind the scenes most of the time. But, wow, this guy… He’s so passionate about creating and making things perfect! He pushes me to be the best I can and always lends an objective view.

Roy Wakumelo

But, Seriously! Wow, This Guy…

I am kind of obsessed with this picture, and with him of course. Over the years on this account we’ve gotten a lot of questions about him – so I wrote a little blog post so you can get to know him too! Read on and learn about the husband behind the blogs! You guys don’t even know how lucky I am to be doing life with him. I could write a book on how awesome he is, really, but a blog post is easier to start with. I bet you’ll be surprised by some of the fun facts about him!

First off, he is the kindest, most thoughtful, caring and considerate person I’ve ever met, and a far better husband and father than I thought could exist in the world. Maybe that’s why I literally love him more every single day. He is probably the most humble person too, like EVER, because he’s super amazing and incredibly handsome. I seriously have so much respect and admiration for my husband you guys – he does SO MUCH for our family and together we are able to make every day more wonderful than the next for our little family. So, read on and you can learn some cool things about the husband behind the blogs…

Here’s Some Fun Info About Roy:

Roy has always enjoyed a challenge, and attaining goals that he sees as impossible, he’s originally from Zambia and moved to the US to study civil engineering.

⇰ He chose Portland because everything about the city’s culture aligned with his personal values.

⇰ His plan was to travel around the world for 2 years after graduation then work as a civil engineer in different African countries. 

⇰ He switched his plan to business studies and software engineering/web development.

⇰ He knows 5 languages fluently (not including programming languages – that’s another topic) and there are a few more on the list he wants to learn. 

⇰ His passion for creating and advancing is unmeasurable, he is always learning something, working on projects, or helping me with mine. 

⇰ He’s always striving to do better, reach beyond his goals and reach potentials beyond what he initially planned for. 

⇰ He shares a birthday with …ME! Yep, we are both born on the same day and nope, we don’t ever forget each other’s birthdays.

For those of you who don’t know Roy, what fun fact about him was most surprising to you?

Roy Wakumelo

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