How to choose lighting for your home – Part I

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Picking lighting is one of the biggest decisions in a remodel or new build. Choosing a high quality source for your fixtures can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve done some of the work for you. While there are quite a few great suppliers and manufacturers out there, we believe one of them stands above the rest for several reasons. Kichler lighting offers the highest quality lighting fixtures at great prices with a reputation of great service. Kichler has been a supplier for over 90 years. There are so many styles and choosing which can be harder than you’d think! We opted to go with something trendy and unique but timeless. We wanted a vibe that could fit in with any future changes to paint we may think about doing. If you want to know that your lighting can last through style changes and the test of time, you may want to make sure you’re getting the best quality. 

Lighting is More Than Just a Fixture

The right quality of lighting is extremely important, especially with so many low quality pieces floating around the internet… Electrical components aren’t one of the things you want to mess around with. Go with a trusted, safe and reliable manufacturer for your lighting! There are more than one out there, but for us, we knew Kichler was the right choice for several reasons.

– Kichler has become a leader in the lighting industry by providing a wide range of choice, value and quality products that meet the needs of their customers. The company has been well respected by contractors and homeowners alike for their expertise in all aspects of building materials and supplies. 

– Kichler offers a widely varied selection of products in all different styles, including chandeliers, pendants, ceiling fan lights, and more for your home remodel or new build. In case you missed the updates on our instagram,, we are currently remodeling a home in Tulsa! See our latest reel featuring Kichler right here, and browse their hashtag to see other pictures and videos featuring their lighting! 

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Trends come and go, but what we loved about Kichler is they have a great design tool on their site! We were torn between matte black and stainless steel or white. Polished chrome, ornate glass, distinctive shapes, mirrors and more are just a few pieces of the beautiful lighting options available from Kichler. We have chosen to use Kichler lighting throughout this house remodel. You’ll find all black modern fixtures throughout this home remodeling project which covers every space including kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, hallways, stairs, and even dining room table lighting!

When it comes to picking lighting in your home remodel or new build, there are so many choices in styles, finishes, shapes and sizes. If you’re here, chances are you are probably interested in choosing fixtures—we’ve laid out some tips on how to pick lighting for your home remodel.

If You Want a Change, Make a Change!

Don’t overthink the decision to just go for it. Once you decide you’re going to change your lighting, the fun really begins! We played around with learning about the design options and styles on Kichler’s site and Pinterest. Not only was it fun, but served to help us find the styles and designs we most resonated with before picking lights. They have really good educational and inspirational aspects to their site that are really helpful when you are new to choosing designs for your home, or even if you’re not! When choosing lighting for your home remodel, it’s important to consider how light will affect the space itself. Depending on the type of light you choose for your room, different moods and atmospheres can be created.

Before we wrap up here, keep in mind – the easiest way to determine what lighting attracts you or if your current lighting is working is by simply observing the room. How much time do you spend there, and how do you want to feel when you’re in there? Do you work from home or want to start a blog and need all the bright, neutral light? Do you want a room to feel warm and cozy with dim lighting to help you relax and find work life balance after a long day? Does the location of the fixture draw you in or out? What does it feel like when it’s dimly lit? Is there something about it that makes you feel relaxed or uncomfortable? Answers to these questions can help you determine what you need out of your new lighting. These are just a couple of the considerations to ponder when choosing lighting for your home remodel. Upgrading your lighting doesn’t just have to be for new builds or remodels… Make sure you subscribe for the Part 2 drop!

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